Wedding Photographer In Perth

Wedding photos are lovely to look at; they somehow put a smile to someone who is looking at it. Wedding photos has this magic to rekindle the feelings of the couple to each other; it makes them remember how in love they are to each other on that moment because wedding photos can bring the memories of the couple’s special day.

But not all wedding photos have that kind of magic because not all wedding photos are being shot and presented beautifully. If you are an aspirant wedding photographer you should point to yourself that you have to take and present the most beautiful wedding photos to your clients. To achieve that you must know the proper techniques and all the things needed to be done before and on the actual shoot.

For the first time wedding photographer in Perth, here are some tips to achieve the perfect wedding photos to satisfy your clients.

Before the wedding day, try to set up a meeting with your client but do not be demanding because the couple might be busy arranging all the wedding details. During the meeting lay down all your wedding photos ideas and let them choose what they think is the perfect style for their wedding. Do not limit your client from suggesting their own ideas and be open to it. If you know that it will make the wedding photos beautiful, do not hesitate to do it.

wedding photographer in perth

During the actual wedding day, arrive early to the location. Being early will give you chance to look at the location and think of many creative style for the wedding photos. It will also give good impression to your clients. Being early will give you chance to captured the pre-wedding moments. Took photos of the bride and the groom getting ready for their special event, make it more creative and fun. Do not forget to take pictures of the important details of the wedding like the wedding dress, the groom’s tux and the important details of the wedding like the ring, veil and cord.

Switch your camera to manual mode because by using the manual mode you will have the full control of your shutter speed and lens. Make sure the lens are open wide, the shutter speed is slow to prevent blurry images and set the white balance to auto.

Prepare all the things needed during the wedding photo shoot. Make sure that you have back up equipments in case something bad will happen to your other equipments. It is better to be ready than being sorry. Set up your camera before the wedding shoot and make sure the camera is well ready.

During the wedding, be polite on the couple and their guests when you ask them to pose for your shots. Do not forget to smile while asking, they may smile back and it will reflect on the wedding photos.

Take a shot of the details of the wedding like the flowers, wedding cake and decoration of the wedding cake. These shots will give creativity to the wedding photos.

Having great wedding photos will make your client happy and it will also open more opportunities for you because your previous clients may suggest you to their friends and family. The best tip for having great wedding photos is enjoying and loving what you are doing because once you enjoy and love your work; the beauty will come naturally to your work output.

Wedding Album Display

Having great wedding photos will be senseless if nobody can see it and appreciate it. You have to display it to let people see how beautiful your wedding photos are.  Displaying your wedding photos would not be a problem because there are so many ways you can display your wedding photos.


The Scrapbook way, you can display your wedding photo in a creative way. You can display your wedding photo together with some of your wedding memorabilia such as invitations, table napkins, piece of ribbon used on your wedding, flowers petals on your bouquet and anything that can be fit in the frame.

Display your wedding photos with an engraved photo frame. The frame should be made of anything solid with a good quality material such as metal, wood or stone. You can engrave your name and your husband’s name and any important details of your wedding like the date, location or your vows.

Collage your wedding photos. If you cannot decide which wedding photo you want to display because all of them is worth displaying, the collage style is the perfect for you. You can display many photos as you want. You can even style it in a way that you like. You can choose the materials, colors, size, design and style.

wedding photo display

Doing the Shadowbox style, like the Scrapbook style you can also display your wedding photo with your wedding memorabilia. But the difference is unlike in the Scrapbook style wherein you can only display papers wedding memorabilia, in the Shadowbox style, you can display wedding memorabilia thicker than the paper. You can display the bouquet, your gloves, accessories and hair pins used in your wedding. You can also choose the materials you want for your Shadowbox Wedding frame.

Doing all this wedding display style can also practice your creativity. You can decide on what will be the outcome of your wedding photo display.

Choose the style that is right for your personality and the place that you are going to display your wedding photo. Make sure that you are comfortable of the style that you choose and you know that it can bring out the beauty of your wedding photos and can bring back the memories of your special day.


Wedding photos are not just simple, plain photos but those photos are precious. They preserve the moments of the couple’s special day; they can bring back memories of that special day; it can show their friends and family how happy and in love they are on that day and somehow can also help to rekindle the feelings of the couples especially if they are ongoing on a tough marriage life.

No matter what kind of style you will choose to display your wedding photos or in wedding album, the true beauty of your wedding photo will still come from you and your groom because the feelings you have for each other on the exact day will show in the photos. Your happiness and love make a perfect wedding photo and the style and creativity are just there to enhance the wedding photos.

Make Money From YouTube

YouTube is now already six years old, YouTube has already become a great website and as time goes the number of followers became higher and higher as proven on the research as of May two thousand eleven. Based on the research, YouTube has one hundred forty two point seven million new users, visitor, and follower every month and there are forty eight hours of video being played every minute but this statistics are increasing by one hundred percent in a yearly basis, the statistics also state that there are over three million of sight every day (it is increasing for about fifty percent for just three days.

That number might be a loss for you if you have a business or owning a company because that was a big number for audiences and potential customers. That’s it if you don’t make a move on social websites in the internet.

Here are some of strategies or ideas how to market your services or product in the social websites like the YouTube in order to have a permanent audiences or customers or just to make some money from YouTube.

The Requirements

First you must make or have an account in YouTube so that you could upload videos and mingle to other user and visitors. You don’t need to make a new video at all time because you can just edit a famous video so that the viewer will have the familiarity but you can make it like a spoof because if you copy almost all the video content you can be penalized by the law. The editing will just have a low cost. You as an advertiser and maker of the video you must do it step by step like choosing the kind of video to be produced and its content that must suite your target peoples.

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Attract and populate the channel and video you make

You must make and upload several videos per week as a beginner. It is composed of two to three advertising video in just one week. You must also keep in mind always that the most important characteristics on making videos are variety and the quality of work. The focus and personal purposes of making the videos for advertisement must always be emphasized.

The naming or branding of the video in your YouTube channel

You must socialize in the website in order to gain friends or possible client that may promote your product to their friends, in that stage your marketing strategy are already starting. After that you may now start entertaining questions in order to filter the people that just wasting your time.  By naming or branding your product you can make use of the word “About Me” and make a portion that describe your product in your own channel so that the people may know some of the information for business owner.

You as an advertiser, you must have the anticipation of what people are finding and searching. The individuals are commonly searching for a free offer and related topics for the video. As you put the related topics you can make use of posting the complete website address.